How much does it cost?

It’s a simple, but still delicate question, as – in spite of jewels from mass production – here every piece is unique, made to size and according to your own taste. If you order a piece of jewellery from “Unikat”, you may have a look at it during the process of its production, so you can even ask for smaller modifications in the meantime. The colour of gold, the thickness and width of the material, with or without stone, the type of the stone and the style of its setting – these are all customisable details limited only by your imagination and your wallet.

Therefore the pricing of unique jewellery depends on numerous factors. On the one hand, there are the grams of gold, and the quantity and size of precious and semi-precious stones. On the other hand, there is the number of creative working hours used for completing an artistic piece of jewellery. The making of certain pieces may require even several days of work.


In case of creative work, the necessary time should be doubled: the jewel itself is only the outcome, while the working process begins much earlier in a form that non-professionals may consider to be idleness and wasting of time.


The price of jewellery is mainly determined by the world market prices of precious metals (gold, silver) per grams, which can be really variable.


The thicker and wider the material, the price is higher. If financial circumstances are narrower, one can save up on this, however it has some drawbacks too. If I make a too narrow and too slender piece of jewellery, its structural integrity may be endangered – it would be similar to articles sold by the dozen in shops – and it would not endure everyday use.


No doubt, brilliant is the “most glittering” stone, but you might also choose some other precious and semi-precious stones of great value, such as sapphire, emerald, ruby or opal. The range of available stones is endless; while a single stone with some extraordinary colours and adequate setting can bring the jewel to life and give personality to its wearer.


How much does a solitaire ring cost that is decorated with a brilliant?

  • Price of 14 carat gold with loss: 38 €/gram
  • Working fee: from 150 €/ring
  • Price of the precious stone: 0.1 ct VSI TOP WESSELTON (G) – 195 €
  • Every ring made by us is packed into a decorative packaging that is our present for you