Meet Árpád Bacsi, the creator of the jewellery Unikat


The story of jewellery Unikat has a tradition of 50 years. The walls of this goldsmith workshop cherish old memories, as the Mácsai family had already made jewellery here in the 1960’s. I started to work as an apprentice of Márta I. B. Mácsai during my secondary school studies in 2000. She imparted me the necessary basics of this craft. After graduation, I continued to develop and improve my knowledge over many years of work. Thus first I was an apprentice, then an employee, later I became a co-partner, and finally I took over the workshop in 2010. In 2011, I obtained the certificate of the Serbian Ministry of Economy and Finance, which proves that the jewels I make are unique handmade products of traditional artistic handicraft.

During my work, I am led by my due respect and humility for the profession. My aim is to create custom-designed jewellery, based on the needs of my customers and according to my imagination. I like to work both with gold and silver. The jewels are decorated with precious and semi-precious stones, as well as with engraving, characteristic of elaborated minute particles.

I create unique pieces of jewellery, made with devotion and proficiency, using the oldest goldsmith techniques. I strive to make such jewellery that enhances the reputation of this craft, since goldsmith profession with a great past is unfortunately disappearing.

In accordance with my philosophy, I do my best to provide my customers products of excellent quality and outstanding value for money.

My services:

  • Designing jewellery
  • Producing jewellery
  • Stonesetting
  • Engraving
  • Repairing jewellery/restoration of decorative objects
  • Polishing and cleaning jewellery
  • Making photos of jewellery of my own making


If you buy jewellery “Unikat”, you are not only choosing a high-quality gift of an eternal value, but you please yourself or your beloved ones with a present that has its soul.